Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16th Photo Blog

Fesler has certainly been busy this week. The shop is buzzing and vehicles are moving from station to station all the time.

The 1955 Bel Air has come down off of the lift it had been resting peacefully atop and the new body panels are going on.

Next week should see large changes to this vehicle.

The 1975 911 is getting more fine-tuning on the body. Small amounts of body correction here and there ensure the vehicle will look its very best when painted.

The inside is starting to come together as well.

The interior panels and seats for the GMC TopKick are nearly finished.

The seats have a really excellent new look, too!

The panels are starting to go back in. This rig will have a whole new, impressive feel to it!

The Fesler 1969 Camaro is getting some big suspension adjustments, swapping the bags for coils.

Also, the trunk is being closed up to improve its usefulness as a storage space.

That's just the big, photogenic stuff! Watch Fesler social media for more updates and be sure to check out Monday's blog post, which might be about how Fesler decides what kind of billet parts to design and sell!

Have a great weekend!

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